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2018-02-19 05:48:24 +00:00
Moniza Heymans
Steed 5E
Front bumber
Plastic black bottom grill
Right front wheel arch (the bottom part)
2018-02-16 07:15:58 +00:00
2018-02-14 07:30:29 +00:00
SJJ9022 (4G64)

2018-02-14 04:58:38 +00:00
Steering Rack
2018-02-13 17:36:12 +00:00
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2018-02-11 14:47:00 +00:00
Steed 3
2.8 tdi
Good day

Please quote me on the following parts urgently:
Parts are for GWM 2.8 steed 3 2010 model

- Full Gasket Kit + Turbo gaskets
- Bolts for Head
- Liner kit
- High Compression Pistons & Conrods
- Main & Beekend Bearings
- Push rods
- Service kit
- Oil pump
- Wellsh plugs
- Glow plugs
- Injector seals

Thank you in Advance
2018-02-09 13:05:06 +00:00
Danie Kruger
GWM steed 5
2.0vgt diesel
Fuel rail pressure sensor
2018-02-05 09:25:12 +00:00
2.5 TCi 4x4
Hi. I'm looking for a airflow meter on a GWM 2.5 TCi 4x4 2011. It has a 4 pin plug.

More Info

Many reasons exist for why GWM is among the most sought after automobile makes. It is elegant, unique, reliable, classy and comfy. Actually, it really is among the most sold makes. Even so, GWM is quite pricey and getting its spares will certainly break the bank. Because of the elevated costs, many people might find themselves not using his or her car for prolonged lengths of time whilst they save the capital to do required repairs and while this is often necessary, it often exposes your car or truck to many different negative effects and losses that develop once the engine hasn't operated for a long time.

Even though many individuals are overwhelmed by the cost of rebuilding their GWM, the fact remains, you'll be able to undertake these repairs at a reduced cost than a lot of people comprehend. Many companies within Pretoria sell GWM auto parts, so you can easily locate them. However, before selecting the GWM scrap yard, you need to take into account some things.

Exactly what must you bear in mind?
You'll have many various choices when scouting for a small business that are experts in GWM parts in Pretoria. However, not every one of these scrap yard is going to be made equally. Beneath you will understand much more about some of the issues that you must bear in mind before selecting the company to get your replacement spare parts.

• Reputation - A company's history will explain a lot if they're a dependable source of second-hand GWM spare parts. Generally if the vendor has been providing dependable second-hand spare parts across the area for some time, they'll most definitely be reliable. It is easy to run through recent client commentary, reviews and recommendations to evaluate the level of class to count on. The content the clientele submitted will allow you to figure out if the company is really worth choosing as well as what you should expect at their store.

• Excellent quality assurance - Actually second-hand parts have high-quality guarantee particularly if you are using yet another service to complete the maintenance and substitution. This is also true if you are planning to use a independent program to put in the replacement parts.

• Assortment - The best company will have a variety of GWM spare parts for different models. This will give you a variety of alternatives to select the auto parts of your preference. There are actually spare parts which are stripped from brand new vehicles that have been only written off on account of a major accident whilst others originate from outdated vehicles which may have broken down to a point that they are irreparable.

Aside from the above-mentioned points, you will probably have to take into account the restoration solutions, warrantee, value for money, along with the insurance factors. It's all about selecting a company which is efficient and affordable.

Where are you able to get the second-hand GWM spares?
The procedure to find GWM spare parts in Pretoria is comparatively easy specifically since probably the most reputable corporations have expert web sites that offer you with all the detailed information you might need. Simply look for companies near your residence in your preferred browser then make use of the above information to limit to the ideal scrap yard. For anyone who is uncomfortable picking a dealer determined by search engine rankings, additionally you can opt to purchase your components from one of the most renowned and reliable scrap yards in the area, for example GWM Scrap Yards in Pretoria. Some reputable companies such as GWM Scrap Yards are dependable in Pretoria, and you can be sure of getting the appropriate spares for your GWM. See: Honda Spares